Rev. W. C. Lamain on Jeremiah 14 : 19 - 21


Prayer for supplication under the judgments of God

From which this supplication arises
The confession which attends this supplication
On which ground mercy is pleaded for

Jeremiah 14 : 19 - 21

Jeremiah 14
Hast thou utterly rejected Judah? hath thy soul lothed Zion? why hast thou smitten us, and there is no healing for us? we looked for peace, and there is no good; and for the time of healing, and behold trouble!
We acknowledge, O LORD, our wickedness, and the iniquity of our fathers: for we have sinned against thee.
Do not abhor us, for thy name's sake, do not disgrace the throne of thy glory: remember, break not thy covenant with us.

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