How we translate...

Translating sermons is a serious undertaking. The preached Word of God deserves the most solemn approach when translating it from Dutch into English. A team of translators work on the translations, while Sermonweb volunteer Johan Proos (Bodegraven, Netherlands) coordinates the work. He also functions as the 'judge' when it comes to maintaining the doctrinal and experimental soundness of the translation work.

After a first draft of a translation is made, a second person will review the translation from Dutch to English. Finally, a third person, a native English speaker without knowledge of the Dutch language, reviews the translated sermon on the style and correctness of the English language.

Before publishing the translated sermon, the minister involved (or his living children) will give his approval for publication of the reading sermon on Sermonweb.

No translation is perfect! As we try to translate as literally as possible, there will inevitably be instances where we need to translate the meaning rather than the literal words. In the past, translated sermons often sounded awkwardly Dutch. We strive to have faithful translations in proper English.

We are still looking for more translators or reviewers. If this work interests you, please contact us at